Club BK

Meet Brian, a whole planet to play in.

Burger King is always on the lookout for ways to stay a top-of-mind destination for parents and kids. But to engage two wildly different audiences - parents interested in saving money and kids interested in having fun - you need more than just another website. You need a new way to communicate with families.

The first QSR multi-player online game of it's kind

Our answer was Club BK, a kid-focused multi-player online game that brought the 'Have It Your Way' brand position to life. Club BK brought together a unique visual design and a fun narrative to create a quirky world where kids could interact with their favorite Club BK characters, play educational games or 'live-chat' with other kids in real-time, all in a safe, controlled environment.

Connecting online and instore

By playing in Club BK, kids could earn virtual currency to create and customize their avatars, deck out their cabin and drive in-store traffic. They could also redeem codes they received in-store to push on-line traffic. And because we developed and maintained the entire experience in-house, it was easy to add new games and experiences, tied to Burger King's promotional calendar, on a regular basis. This engaging world made Burger King a trusted brand for parents and a fun friend for kids, so when it came time to trade the virtual world for the real one, there was only one place they both wanted to go.