Motorola Solutions

Establishing a new brand, 80 years in the making

In 2011, Motorola Solutions emerged as an independent brand. But when trying to establish a position built on innovation and forward-looking thought leadership, a rigid, outdated website is a major liability.

An Architecture for the Moments That Matter

In collaboration with Motorola's IT and Marketing leadership, Designkitchen combined customer research, user experience planning, visual design and front-end development to build a site that positions Motorola Solutions as an innovative force in the world of enterprise and public safety communications.

Supporting dozens of markets and languages the site is a robust channel for communicating Motorola Solutions' unparalled thought leadership and offerings. It's a flexible, scaleable architecture that brings the new Moments That Matter brand position to life with content personalized for key audiences and markets.

Connecting the right moment with the right solution.

The 'Rise to the Moment' campaign launched Motorola Solutions' new brand. Built around the big and small moments that lead to pivotal events, the campaign tells the personal stories of people who rely on Motorola products to prepare for, and meet, their most critical moments. Designkitchen launched the digital component of the campaign with a video takeover of the Motorola Solutions homepage that drove viewers to a microsite with five additional videos. Each video connects industry verticals to a solution category, and has intelligent tie-ins to the larger Motorola Solutions portfolio.

The first devices to deliver Street Ready Data

Designkitchen developed the Street Ready Data creative platform to help Motorola Solutions launch the first LTE devices built for Public Safety. Building on that platform, we concepted, scripted, shot and produced a video to communicate the safety benefits that mission critical data delivers to officers and their communities. By using a first person view to tell the story of an isolated officer about to enter a hostile situation, we showed how next generation data capabilities help the officer respond to the situation safely and effectively. The grittiness and intensity of the moment rang true, which authentically captured Motorola's passion of authority in the Public Safety space, and made the video dramatic, engaging and highly sharable.